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Damn printer!!

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  • Damn printer!!

    Every time i try to print something my damn printer craps out :(
    I haven't once printed something w/o problems
    Always a printer jam, out of ink, hp is out to get me!
    And when i try and cancel the print it says ERROR!
    Im getting sick of having to restart
    GRRRR, printers hate me.

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    Re: Damn printer!!

    Make sure you don't push the paper in too far back. You want the paper to just lightly touch the back of the paper tray. Anything more and you'll have feeding problems or paper jams constantly.

    Also, which HP printer model do you have? My family has gone through a whole bunch from low-end budget models to some nice multi-functions.
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      Re: Damn printer!!

      Yeah we have FAR too little information, man :)

      If it's a laser printer, depending on it's age, it may simply need to be cleaned or the toner cartridge replaced. Some types of laser printers go wonky from time to time even before you're out of toner (defect in the cartridge, etc).
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        Re: Damn printer!!

        I was just complaining!
        Not just any printer, all printers
        They like to not work whether it be they feel like sucking in 20 sheets or w/e
        I was just sharing my grief -.-
        Ill try not pushing the paper in too far
        And it seems every printer i use is 3+ years old
        DAMN YOU HP :)

        Well it seems all of mine like to screw up right now i have a F380
        If you can suggest one that would be great!


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          Re: Damn printer!!

          Has it ever said, "PC Load Letter"? LOL

          Check out Office Space for details on a solution.

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            Re: Damn printer!!

            Originally posted by =Sarc= View Post
            Has it ever said, "PC Load Letter"? LOL

            Check out Office Space for details on a solution.
            The most epic movie, evar.
            Haha i wanna take my printer out in the field and play gangsta music :(


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              Re: Damn printer!!

              I've had two HP all in one fairly high end printers. I don't print often, but whenever I do it seems like I always gotta hard restart it, by pulling the cord first. Pain in the arse.




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