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Wireless hiccups every 1-4 mins

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  • Wireless hiccups every 1-4 mins

    Got this wireless card and have been experiencing hiccups while playing games such as cod 4, TF2, etc... Had a D-link before with the about the same specs (doesn't support vista 64 so I got this instead). Wondering if I should just send this back as defective or return it/sell it and get a new one. If I get a new one I'll be shooting for the same price range though.

    Or if someone knows a fix to this problem please tell me. I've tried WLAN Optimizer but it hasn't had much of an effect.


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    Re: Wireless hiccups every 1-4 mins

    I'm assuming you're running Vista.

    WLAN Optimizer doesn't work in Vista. It was built for XP and was never updated to work properly in Vista. Same goes for "Vista AntiLag".

    You might want to try a different brand NIC wireless card.

    I had a similar problem and found out that Vista was to blame. Vista kept searching for new wireless network every 20-30 seconds causing me massive lag spikes while gaming online (was using a MSI wireless card).

    I have since switched to wired gaming until MS resolves the issue.

    I've read elsewhere that people have had luck with both of the programs above with Linksys wireless cards and D-Link wireless cards. I don't have either brand wireless cards, so I don't know how true this may be. Users of the ASUS P5Q Deluxe WiFi board (built-in Atheros wireless chipset) also don't seem to be afflicted with this problem.

    My best guess is that some generic driver for different brand hardware causes these short interval wireless network searching, while other brands are not affected.
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