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    I have a question concerning Hammer. I am making a CS:S deathrun map, and I was wondering three things. One, how do I place a button to activate a trap? Second, how can I restrict weapons, so that players do not get a pistol when they spawn, and third, how do I add traps such as vents, fans, and fire? Please let me know!


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    Re: Valve Hammer Editor

    may be try posting in the CS:S forum
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      Re: Valve Hammer Editor

      First off, the Source Wiki is a great place to start out with about Source modding and mapping. Interlopers has quite a few tutorials that range for simple to complex.

      And now for the questions:

      1. Buttons: Using the func_button entity (its a brush entity) you can create a "use"-able button. This Interloper's tutorial should help you set it up using the Source I/O system.

      2. Starting equipment: You should be able to use the game_player_equip point entity to setup and override a players starting equipment.

      3. Traps: For that there are quite a few entities. Typically of the env type, here's a link to a list of them.

      Hopefully these sites can get you on your feet in terms of mapping.
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        Re: Valve Hammer Editor

        You can find a lot of tutorials on as well, many things there that you wouldn't have even thought of until you see it :D

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