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  • ArmA - CoD4 -key binds


    I hope this is posted in the correct place----

    There are many positives in playing on TG servers however I do have one negative of my own making.

    Simply put the tg servers are usa based I live UK that puts a time diff into the relationship.

    My difficulty is when you gents start to kick off it is getting some what late over here in the uk. As my wife is in bed by then I have to go to whisper/ quiet mode and basically go to type all my information.
    Try it it's a right pain in the mayhem of battle to get quick warning out.

    Thinking about it when I play ArmA it's not so much of a problem as I can use ts overlay which id's me and then press a bind I haven't tried this with CoD4 might be worth a go

    What I was wondering is HAS ANY BODY GOT A SET OF BINDS THAT REPLICATE THE COMMON messages ie "watch your 6" "nme to your front" "Contact" etc. I would have to add my tags in there too but it might help?

    I guess I would still have to call out a name to id the message but at least it would lessen the voice transmit and more importantly not wake the HOUSE GENERAL up.

    Anybody got any other ideas???

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    Re: ArmA - CoD4 -key binds

    Could a mod make two shadows of this thread and move it one to the ArmA section and one to the CoD4 section?

    (You know those fake threads where you click on it and it leads you to the actual thread...)

    I'm not sure if anyone has what you're looking for since this isn't really the right section. Personally, I don't use most of those voice sayings as I tend to stick to VoIP or TS.
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