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Firefox 3.04 is Out!

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  • Firefox 3.04 is Out!

    Following in Bamboo's footsteps here! :D
    Originally posted by
    Firefox 3.0.4 fixes several issues found in Firefox 3.0.3:

    * Fixed several security issues.
    * Fixed several stability issues.
    * Official releases for the Icelandic and Thai languages are now available.
    * Beta releases for the Bulgarian, Esperanto, Estonian, Latvian, Occitan, and Welsh languages are available for testing.
    * Updated the internal Public Suffix list.
    * Fixed an issue where the IME input tool used to enter Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Indic characters was covered by the "Add Bookmark" panel. (bug 433340)
    * Enabled additional EV root certificates. (bug 451305)
    * Fixed an issue where some passwords saved using Firefox 3.0.2 did not work properly. (bug 457358)
    * In some cases, Firefox would not properly save proxy settings for protocols other than HTTP. (bug 446536)
    * See the Firefox 3.0.3 release notes for changes in previous releases.

    See the complete list of bugs fixed.

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    Re: Firefox 3.04 is Out!

    HAHA, he is gonna be piiiiissssssed!;)


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      Re: Firefox 3.04 is Out!

      Already updated in the middle of last night. :)
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        Re: Firefox 3.04 is Out!

        yeah I'm way ahead of you too buddy :D
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          Re: Firefox 3.04 is Out!

          I don't see a difference, as usual. I am up to my neck in add-ons and themes though. Stability updates are always good!


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            Re: Firefox 3.04 is Out!

            Just installed this on my friend's computer
            One more for Mozilla :D




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