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How to check your RAM.

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  • How to check your RAM.

    For future reference, I was curious on how to find out what the exact model of my RAM is. I know it's Corsair Dominator series. But i don't know what model or the timings on it to help making upgrading from 2 gigs to 4 easier.

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    Re: How to check your RAM.

    You have a pretty good chance of being able to pull the model number with CPU-Z... then just Google and cross-reference it.

    Short of just punching in numbers off the RAM itself under the heat spreader
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      Re: How to check your RAM.

      The package that your RAM came in should also have the exact model number for your RAM.

      There is also a sticky (aka warranty / identifier sticker) on each module of RAM that might tell you the model of the RAM, the model number, the memory timings, etc. (Generic RAM usually don't include this sticker.)
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        Re: How to check your RAM.

        I second CPU-Z, tells me timings and model.
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