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42" LCD TV Recommendations?

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  • 42" LCD TV Recommendations?

    I am looking to buy a 42 inch LCD TV, looking for recommendations. I am not as knowledgable about tvs as I would like to be so input is appreciated. What it needs for me is full hd, good response (8ms or lower), 3+ HDMI inputs. 120Hz would be nice but not necessary. I will consider all recommendations given.

    maybe something like
    LG Electronics 42LG60 (Scarlet) or
    Sharp AQUOS 1080p 120Hz 42" LCD HDTV (LC42D85)

    I have been told the LGs tend to have issues (any truth to that?). Anyway, this will primarily be a gaming tv for 360, and wouldnt mind my pc hooked up to it.

    Please share your experiences.

    I love gaming, mmmmmmmm

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    Re: 42" LCD TV Recommendations?

    The sharp is good and IMHO samsung is the best. 120hz will minimize motion blur on an LCD. I have a 42" vizio. Vizio is the best of the cheaper priced TVs.

    Costco will give you an additional year on the warranty for free.

    Check out for more info. Those people are geeks.

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      Re: 42" LCD TV Recommendations?

      I have a 42" Philips and love it! I also have a Sony BluRay (S350) and movies look amazing! I got my tv at the local WalMart and haven't regreted it.

      I'd gotten a Samsung if they had the model I wanted.

      I've heard Sony & Samsung are the two top. But I'm now expert.


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        Re: 42" LCD TV Recommendations?

        Consumer reports and a lot of other sites usually rank Samsung at or near the top, and a buddy of mine just got a 46" Samsung after I recommend it to him, and it is absolutely amazing. And it has everything you mention you are looking for.

        Check out how good the user reviews are on Amazon for the 40+" Samsungs:

        People love them. And I like that the Samsung model numbers are easy to figure out.
        For instance, my friend got the :

        The first set of # is the size, in inches, so it is a 46", then the 2nd set of # is how high up the model is. The higher, the better. So his is a 650. I saw that most of the black friday deals like at BestBuy were for the 500 model for instance.

        Here is the samsung LCD page:

        I got to say, I don't like the color red very much, but the TOC models, like the one my friend got, looks really amazing. The red on the frame is just the right amount not to be bothersome and looks good. They also just the other day released a new TOC blue line that I am really considering getting.

        Amazon also has this guide to the model #s

        Step Up Features

        * Series 6: 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, AutoMotion Plus 120Hz image interpolation for smoother motion, 4ms response time, Transparent and Opaque Color (TOC) bezel, Clear Panel, Ethernet port with Infolink free RSS feeds, 4 HDMI 1.3 ports, Sports and Game modes, Compatible with Samsung's Home Digital Media Adapter for playback and navigation of Internet and stored PC multimedia
        * Series 7: Internal flash memory (1GB) with pre-loaded interactive content such as cooking recipes, children's entertainment, HD artwork and more, Integrated woofer for an enhanced audio experience, DLNA-Compatible: for better interoperability with electronics, computers and mobile devices from many different manufacturers
        * Series 8: super-slim 1.9-inch thick profile

        Also just noticed Fry's has the Samsung LN52A550 52" 1080p LCD TV for $1299


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          Re: 42" LCD TV Recommendations?

          I bought a LG 42inch LBX in August, and so far I incredibly happy with the purchase. The 2008 models are called the LG Opus, and the 2007 the LBX. You can find the LBX for a good price while they are still available.

          - 1920 X 1080 Full HD Resolution, 178 Viewing Angle
          - 120Hz Frame Rate, 500cd/m2 Brightness
          - Inputs: 3 HDMI, 1 Component, 2 X S-Video/AV, 1 X RF/PC/USB

          Here it is on Amazon for $1000...quite a bit less than what I paid.

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            Re: 42" LCD TV Recommendations?

            Thanks , thats a great price.


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              Re: 42" LCD TV Recommendations?

              I helped my parents purchase a 46" Samsung with LED back-lighting. It is stunning. We watched The Two Towers in HD on it and were floored by how good it looked. I have a 32" 1080p Sharp that looks pathetically small in comparison.
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