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BIOS password on laptop.

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  • BIOS password on laptop.

    My buddy recently traded around for a Dell Laptop. He apparently never checked it out before trading around but when he checked it out at his house he found out the BIOS had a PW on it. He then called me up and asked me how to remove it. I told him I really didn't know much about laptops but on most desktops you just remove the CMOS battery for a certain amount of time to clear the PW or cross jumpers. I did a quick search on the internet for him and found out that Dell had a backdoor PW for their laptops which was supposed to be Dell. Anyway, anybody know of a way he may be able to get by the PW cause the person he got it from claim they didn't know it either.

    Yeah, it all sounds suspicious to me too. If this person my buddy got it from didn't have the PW then where and who had it. The original owner who this laptop may have been stolen from?? I told my buddy he should try to check with the local police to see if any stolen laptops have been reported just for his safety.

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    Re: BIOS password on laptop.

    if its a dell latitude then this might be of help:

    supposedly it calculates the Master Bios password with teh service tag number...

    i dont know if it works, try at ur own risk!

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      Re: BIOS password on laptop.

      I am unsure of what his laptop is, he just said a Dell. I didn't even see it. Anyway, he must have figured it out or got rid of it by now, I haven't heard no more from him.
      Thanks anyway.


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        Re: BIOS password on laptop.

        My guess is the laptop was stolen. Generally what it means when it as a bios password and the owner "doesn't know it"

        It's generally a pain to clear as well. Sometimes it's as easy as it is on a desktop, other times not.
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          Re: BIOS password on laptop.

          If it's a hidden BIOS recovery system of some sort that is reinitiating the password, you'd probably have to bring it into a Dell Service Center and have it removed.

          I also suspect it is a stolen laptop (in agreement with Spyder).
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            Re: BIOS password on laptop.

            I had seen a older Compaq that after a lot of research found out that it had a security chip that had to be removed and a new one added to remove the BIOS password. that person did it out of spite to try to get more money from the person buying it, "yeah I can remove it for a price, about $50 more" which would have been worth it cause it cost the guy almost $200 to get the new chip installed but he wasn't playing along with the guy he bought the laptop from. We both ended up telling him I cracked it just to spite him and never told him any different, lol.

            But for the Dell, I suspect it is stolen and like I said to my buddy, I would at least check with local police to see and let them know he had this laptop he was suspicious about. That way it may not come back on him if it found out to be stolen. Cover his behind the best he can anyway.
            No matter, he has not bothered me anymore with it so i don't worry about it.




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