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    I'm in the market for procuring a new cell phone, and of course I was doing the mental "battle" between the iPhone, Storm, and G1.

    For what I would use it for, and based on how I use my current BB Pearl (a phone I like but I have outgrown and I don't use Exchange email anyhow and the limitation of apps for it frustrates me as well as it's inability to play a lot of media formats) I've decided to go with T-Mobile and the G1. I'm excited about the prospect of it, though like everyone else I'm disappointed by:

    - The obvious lack of the headphone jack and the fact that you can't use the @Home service with it to make those wonderful unlimited calls over WiFi. For this reason alone I considered getting the Storm, or compromising with the Curve. However, I am not a heavy phone user and I currently share a plan with my ex and the both of us have yet to go over the plan's allotted 600 daytime minutes (Sprint)

    - The inability to tether it to a PC, but from what I have seen there are already apps out to accomplish this.

    - No actual GPS software. However, I have a TomTom.

    - It's kind of ugly. :) But I'm a function-over-form kind of guy.

    A friend of mine I recently got back in contact with, loves his G1 and stated "with most phones I get bored of them after a few days, but it's been a couple weeks now with this phone and I still am intrigued by it". Mind you he's a techie and more of a gadget-tweaker than I am, and we enjoy our shop talk :) I just don't really care for T-Mobile's plans.

    Coverage in Metro-Detroit is more than adequate, so I'm cool with that. I will undoubtedly have a LOT of fun with the Android platform, and I foresee a lot of future functionality. Especially considering the "true" multitasking nature which I personally think is the unsung "killer" feature of it.

    So if you have a G1, I want your impression of it and how your day to day is with this 1st iteration.
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    Re: That Which Is G1

    Well, I have the G1. It runs Java and you can easily develop software for it using Eclipse without paying fees to anyone. It has a GPS that sucks lots of power when it's on (but it only goes on when the maps program starts). There will be GPS software next year - there is already a turn-by-turn router out in beta. New applications appear every day, even now when the authors can't make money yet.

    I like the phone, but I have found some minus and plus points:

    - battery life is not great. You have to disable Wifi, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth when not needed.

    + all of the software is open source! Including the OS. Someone asked if the OTA updates can be disabled and s.o. else replied 'no, because here's the line of code that prevents opting out'. Cool.

    - crashes. Mine does crash like once a week. I hope that software updates will fix that and I am fairly confident they will. There is talk of a G2 on January 26 or maybe April, etc.

    + lots of new devices based on the software are coming out in 09. There will be competition and innovation.

    + Contacts, Gmail, Calendar sync with Google online apps. Nice.

    + TMO has cheap plans - I pay $55 for unlimited data + 300 min. monthly.

    - speed: the web browser is slower than iphone. But rumors say that it will speed up with the next update, called candyland or so

    - headphones have an ugly proprietary USB connector.

    -+ touch and feel: the keyboard is good enough, like a bberry. The device has a rubbery coating that feels good, but when the keybd slides out it feels like it could easily break off.

    + web browser is pretty good. Much better than my wife's windows mobile desaster.

    - doom does not run on it yet.

    Compared to iphone, the G1 is the PC.




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