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Need some advice: CPU upgrade

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  • Need some advice: CPU upgrade

    Howdy -- it has come to my attention that my CPU is a bottleneck in my current system. However, the only components I've ever upgraded myself are video cards and RAM, so I don't really know how to proceed.

    My current CPU is a Core 2 Duo e6400, motherboard is an ASUS P5LP-LE, socket 775, bus speed 1066. I want to grab a Core 2 Quad, but obviously don't want to buy one without knowing that it's compatible.

    In addition, on a scale of 1-5 (easy to hard) how difficult is the procedure, including correct application of thermal grease?

    If anyone can point me in the right direction that'd be awesome. Thanks!
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    Re: Need some advice: CPU upgrade

    From HP:

    * Socket: 775
    * Supports the following processors:
    o Core 2 Duo E6x00
    o Core 2 Duo E4x00
    o Pentium D 9x0 Dual Core
    o Pentium D 8xx Dual Core
    o Pentium 4 6x1 series
    o Celeron D 3xx series

    I don't think this motherboard will support quad core (it's based on the older i945G chipset). You will have to buy a new motherboard if you want to go quad.


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      Re: Need some advice: CPU upgrade

      Just a quick question, why do you want to go quad core?
      A lot of people needlessly switch over to quad when they could save a lot of money, quad cores are only better for some things and intel themselves have said so (there is no mention of gaming however).

      With my build in October I went dual core and am going to skip core i7 and quads and later on get whats best (2-3 years maybe).
      My old amd athlon 3400+ could still run tons of games without any lower performance than dual cores for a very long time, the same will happen with dual vs quad cores, game companies are just starting to optimize for quad cores and most of the time the gain of the quad isn't needed.

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        Re: Need some advice: CPU upgrade

        Check out Tom's HW CPU charts for comparison between processor speed and price under various benchmarks.

        Installing a new CPU is simple. You get out the old one, put it on ebay, clean your new CPU, insert it correctly and put thermal grease (Arctic Silver) the size of a kernel of rice. Install fan and off you go ;-) There are probably movies on Youtube.




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