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LCD's random disappearing lines

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  • LCD's random disappearing lines

    I have an Inspiron 6400. I bought the 15.4" Wide Screen XGA display with TrueLife option when I ordered the laptop. My computer is running fine, except for a tiny oddity with the screen and possibly my "creative sound blaster x-fi notebook" express card.

    My problem is an offcolor line appears on the lower part of the screen. It normally would seem that this is a result of damaging the screen by physical means, but its timing seems to say otherwise. This line appeared during the installation of the sound card on December 24, and disappeared after uninstalling the card on December 26. When I reinstalled the sound card, the line reappeared. And right now, as I write this, it vanished...

    I am not looking to buy another screen if it is a hardware or software conflict. I would rather buy a screen if I actually dropped or smashed my screen.

    Please help me discover why a line sporadically appears on my LCD.

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    Re: LCD's random disappearing lines

    try downloading lates updates for Video card LCD screen and Sound card


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      Re: LCD's random disappearing lines

      As Cotton has said, I would update/reinstall your graphics chipset drivers and that of your sound card.
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        Re: LCD's random disappearing lines


        I think it could also be a loose connection between the graphics card and the LCD, but this does not account for the timing with the sound card.




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