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Anyone have any experience with cleanroom data recovery

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  • Anyone have any experience with cleanroom data recovery

    I had to reformat my Laptop and copied everything to my 250gb ext Lacie HDD and the stupid Lacie went bad the heads just click.

    Has anyone ever had to have this done or know of an affordable service. Lots irreplaceable family photos and documents. as well as some audio and video but they are not as important.

    pretty sure the only way to fix is to put the platters in another unit or replace the heads in this one. but it has to be done inn a clean room environment
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    Re: Anyone have any experience with cleanroom data recovery

    We contract that sort of thing out through It's usually not cheap, but we've had a fairly good success rate with them, and it's charge by data recovered last I checked. There's a phone number there for quotes. Not sure what their current pricing is.

    I've never attempted a repair like that, so I don't know anything more specific for you.
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      Re: Anyone have any experience with cleanroom data recovery

      I have had the exact thing happen to me.... it was devastating... in fact, I think I wrote about it in this forum.

      I have sent one drive off for recovery. they spent 4 weeks on it and could not get anything. they called me several times telling me that it was the hardest challenge they had ever had. they got 0 data, and wound up apologizing all over themselves for the time it took for them to give up.

      the fees were based on what they had to do to get the data (platter swap is pretty expensive, but sometimes they can fix the logic board which is actually way cheaper b/c the hdd stays in tact.)

      if they can get some data, they can usually get it all... the trick is getting the first byte.
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