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Virus/HD/OS???? Help!!

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  • Virus/HD/OS???? Help!!

    Ok. I don't know what caused it but here is my problem.

    I got a call from my son saying we lost internet connection. He also tells me my Computer is hosed. Basically it boots up to the login screen, displaying owner. But when you select that, it starts to boot and then screen flashes and it says it is logging off. And still no internet.

    I started to reload XP on the unpartioned section of the hard drive, I wanted to save some of the files I had on the HD. This somehow opened up the internet connection:icon5:, but I cant find my %^&*ing account code. So now I have a partial install and a full install on the HD. The computer still works because I can see files on my computer when I look from the network connection on my son's computer. And it tells me I have 18 new emails that I cant look at, from this computer :(.

    My cpu is an old 939. I am thinking the purchase of an Vista upgrade may fix the problem. What do you guys think?

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    Re: Virus/HD/OS???? Help!!

    So, to get this straight, you would get into the welcome screen where it would ask for your user and password, and you'd log in and it would immediately log back off to the welcome screen?

    If that's the case, it's a virus or spybot F/P issue generally, where the userinit.exe file or registry key was corrupted. The file can be replaced from the cd in recovery console, the registry key is a bit trickier and requires you find a dos-based registry editor..not really recommended unless you know what you're doing.

    Don't know what either would have to do with losing the internet unless you're sharing it out through your PC rather than a router?

    Wouldn't really recommend an upgrade to vista for an older machine, wouldn't run it well IMO but would need PC specs to tell you for sure.

    Data wise it should all be there. If you have a second windows install that boots up all the data should be accessible...

    ISP should have any code you might need from them if you call them.
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      Re: Virus/HD/OS???? Help!!

      Thanks. Trying to call now.


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        Re: Virus/HD/OS???? Help!!

        If you do a Windows Repair using your XP OS CD/DVD then you should be able to log back into your user account just fine.
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          Re: Virus/HD/OS???? Help!!

          Depending on the CPU/RAM configuration of your 939 platform, Vista might run perfectly well. My old Opteron 175 with 2GB of RAM works great with vISTA. i'M NOT SURE i'D WANT TO TRY IT OUT ON A SINGLE CORE cpu THOUGH.


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            Re: Virus/HD/OS???? Help!!

            I would suggest doing a Windows Repair from the disk as Acreo mentioned.
            Done that a few times just to get important data off the HDD, then formatted and a fresh install.




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