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Dell Studio XPS hits the market

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  • Dell Studio XPS hits the market

    i saw that dell is now offering the Studio XPS line of laptops, its desktop replacement being a 16 and not a 17 inch.
    options for ram include 4 5(wth)6 and 8, all with 2 dimms, and ddr3 (3gb sticks? lol)
    options for processor include the p8xxx and t9xxx processors... nothing new yet i guess
    slot load BD drive is only FIFTY BUX MORE!
    loaded to the hilt is under 3g, which is pretty cheap for a new XPS comming out (sure it isnt replacing the 17 inch 1730 in performance) but i can see a studio 17 replacing the normal XPS in under a year

    pros: fast processor options
    veering away from nvidia mobile gpus

    cons: heat
    6 cell battery option only available
    supposedly filled with bloatware that dell said they were moving away from

    i noticed the graphic card is an ATI m86x 512mb, after a bit of research, i have come to the conclusion that it is a 3670. ATI introduced the 4000 series in mobile form at the recent CES so i think it wont be but a few months before you see some 4870 action in a notebook (tho watered down like nvidia does to their m series too). a few forums were wondering why dell is slowly switching to ATI as their mobile card (which i noticed a month ago). two good responses to that :
    how fast is dell wanting to repeat the nvidia thermal problem. Yes thats old news but you tell corporate America during A recession that the problem has been "fixed" and that the 1000's of notebooks hey are about to purchase wont have a proble. Watch how fast their cheque book comes out....

    Yet this move is expanding their range and has sold me on one sexy laptop. hope dell lives up to my thinkpad's.
    sorry but let me inform you of something

    100 laptops @ 1200 $ after tax = 120000k

    if your a IT manager what do you place your recommendation on. Nvidia which your manager has seen has had problems with their laptops GPU's or ATI which has stayed off CNN and other news stations for their problems.
    hate to say it but ATI has scored a win.

    dell site:
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