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  • New build question

    I'm building a new rig here in the next couple of weeks and have a question for you hardware gurus.

    Going with a Core i7 920 with a Gigabyte EX58-UD5 motherboard

    Originally I was trying to decide between 2 1gig 4870s or a single 4870x2... then I got to thinking, that graphics power will probably be wasted on a 22" monitor.

    So would I be better served instead to go with 12gig of RAM over the 6 I had originally planned?

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    Re: New build question

    6 GBs of RAM is more than enough for any game thus far. If you feel you need to have a whopping 12 GBs, then it's your choice.

    I'd go with 6 GBs of RAM now and a the HD4870. I'd save the rest for later year when AMD and nVidia releases their new chipsets.
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      Re: New build question

      Well, part of it will depend on what type of OS you have. If you only have a 32 bit OS, then you can only have max 4gb (can install more but itll be useless) and a 64 bit is 16 gigs. I MIGHT be wrong on those numbers though. And, as Acreo said, 12 gigs is more than enough. What I would recommend is: Only go 6 gigs, and only get one 4870. The bennefits of the second one are not equal to the cost. (Tom's Hardware - Benchmark Crysis v1.21)

      The chart shown is varrios tests, using the 4870, 4870X2, and the 4870 crossfire. For the most part, the three are getting almost identical framerates, +/- 5 or 10. In my view (and I just purchased one) the 4870 1 gig is strong enough alone, and not worth the extra 200. If you have the money to spend on it, go right ahead though, the extra card cant hurt. However, for mine, I elected to go with just the one, and in a few years when its not strong enough, upgrade.

      As a side note, my single 4870 on the I7 2.66 is running farcry 2, max settings 2X AA and around 50 FPS.

      Long story short, 6 gigs, just one 4870, but if you want to upgrade anything take the extra card


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        Re: New build question

        That's what I've decided... 6 gigs, single 4870 1gig... just trying to decide on which card.

        Currently leaning toward the Sapphire 100259-1GL


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          Re: New build question

          You just want me to ship you the one i just built (well only 3 gigs ram, but thats changing when windows 7 comes out). Stealing all of my specs. It does make for a very good (and relative cheap) gaming computer though.




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