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Exchange/Calendar issue, any gurus out there?

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  • Exchange/Calendar issue, any gurus out there?

    So I've come across an interesting problem today involving calendars on exchange (outlook 2007 client). I'll post a summation of the problem here.

    Users A and B are delegates (with the proper permissions) of User X.
    User A (or user B, both have this issue) modifies one occurrence of a recurring calendar event.
    A few minutes later, the edited occurrence of the event disappears from User X's calendar completely, but remains on the calendars of any other attendees.
    If User X edits a single occurrence, nothing ill happens.

    So basically whenever one of the delegates modifies a single occurrence of a recurring event on User X's calendar, that occurrence disappears from only User X.

    Any thoughts? I've watched the users to make sure user error is not the case. Not terribly much on the net about this either, though some articles have popped up about possible problems with mobile devices and ActiveSync/Blackberry Enterprise Services. Those seem to mostly concern things being edited on the mobile device, thought.
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