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  • Best Media Extender For Basic Use

    OK, I know there is lots of stuff out there but I'd like to get some feedback from real users.

    We bought a Wii for Christmas. I know the streaming/media capabilities are severely limited because of the hardware. I tried streaming with Orb and TVersity and the quality on both seemed very lacking. Not to mention, besides streaming media from the PC my other main desire is to access Hulu, which the Wii can't do as of now.

    I don't really want to build a front-end PC to sit by the TV so I'm looking for a 'box' type solution that is wireless and perferably doesn't have a recurring monthly cost associated with it (i.e. Roku since we don't already have NetFlix).

    I know the 360 is a common solution but I'm curious as to whether I can get similar functionality and meet my basic requirements for less cost then a 360.

    At the moment we don't have an HDTV so HD output isn't a necessity. I've considered the Roku box but it obviously is very specific in it's function, so you can't stream other media through it (and least the way I understand it).

    Anyone else have some recommendations and real use feedback?



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