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  • Windows 7 & PR

    Wondering if anybody else had tried Windows 7 and Project Reality yet?
    I tried earlier tonight a couple times but got kicked from the server, I tried a couple other servers as well to see if I got the same message. If anybody has tried W7 and PR and got it working correctly it would be nice to know what you did to get things running correctly.

    The message I got was:
    Punkbuster kicked "me" for 0min
    Restriction: Unknown Windows API Function [131131]

    So it was a PB kick I got and I imagine there is no fix yet from PB for W7??

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    Re: Windows 7 & PR

    Not surprising PB kicked you since Windows 7 is still in beta and wasn't meant to run live.
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      Re: Windows 7 & PR

      I know but thought I would give it a test. I also posted over in the Microsoft W7 forums to see if others may have a work around. Seems like so many other problems people are having there is a work around for it.

      BTW, somebody did say that you had to set compatibility to run for Windows XP SP2 or Vista AND also set to run as administrator. I haven't tried it yet but plan on it now.


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        Re: Windows 7 & PR

        People on the PR.coms forum said the same thing about punkbuster not working. God I hate PB, and all the cheaters/losers at life that make it such a necessary evil.


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          Re: Windows 7 & PR

 This was for 2142 but basically putting in XP SP2 compatibility mode worked for this guy.


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            Re: Windows 7 & PR

            I had tried almost everything that can be found on the internet to get Pr to run on Windows 7, nothing works for me. I did a bunch of different compatibilities settings and kept each one to run as administrator but nothing helped. When I first join any server I can sit and stare at the squad selection screen and the map screen for a long time with no kick, it is when I actually spawn in I may get lucky and be able to stay in the server for a minute tops but it is more like 30-45 seconds after joining I get PB kicked.

            Guess I gotta load up Vista and say heck with Windows 7 Beta for playing PR. I was hoping to test out the performance of W7 Beta while playing games.




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