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Remote control your PC with an Iphone

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  • Remote control your PC with an Iphone

    LogMeIn is a remote access and control application for Macs and PCs that creates a secure connection between two computers by having each logged into a secure server. LogMeIn Ignition adds the ability to control a Mac or PC from your iPhone.


    First Look: LogMeIn Ignition

    That looks awesome. The reader comments all like it too and said it both worked well and was super easy to set up. Only downside is the $30 price tag.

    For those that don't have an Iphone, pretty much what this does is let you log into your home PC or Mac and control it as if you were sitting there at the desk. So say you need something from your computer, you just log in with the Iphone and move around the screen like it was the mouse. There are screen shots in Itunes, and a video here:

    The only thing I might have a problem with is I don't leave my computer turned on when I'm not home. Don't like wasting electricity. It also doesn't work if your computer is in sleep mode.
    There are some comments about cheaper and free apps, but many readers point out that they are usually messy to set up and log into, and they are not all secure like this app.

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