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    This is a neat tool if you have not seen it before. You can basically zero in on who around the world is looking up some information on Google. Typing in search terms can be surprising and pretty informative. It is a Beta thing, so not all the functionality is enabled.

    Just thought it was a neat link!! Yes typing in some of those obscure topics can be really shocking as far as which country does the most searches.:icon_eek:

    Google Insight
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    Re: Google Insight

    It is an interesting tool. I was actually using it for my statistics class this past quarter. I found myself googling random topics from politics to technology.

    BigC, you should try putting in "Bush" and "Obama" to see what turns up. :)
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      Re: Google Insight

      I wish you could get a view of where they ended up...

      It would be EXTREMELY useful in determining what needs to be done to elevate your rankings
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        Re: Google Insight

        its a pretty neat tool.... you can compare things, like myspace VS facebook (and see a trend of people switching), apples to oranges ( you can see the seasonal buyers market trend, at least i think thats what causes the yearly spike come spring)
        or compare css to bf2 =P
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