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  • upgrade time :)

    i got some money from my student loan comming in in the next month or two, so i am choosing to use it to upgrade my system!! i have read a lot of system bulid guides here at TG so i kinda know where i want to go. i want to have a blazing fast comp for as little as i can... i know sounds cheezy right!!!

    so for my mother board upgrade im kinda at a stale mate right here. right now i have the XFX 680i LT, with that being said i also have as a CPU, a
    q6600. i think for right now that processor will do unless someone has a better one for a cheap price.
    i want to over clock so i will be getting water cooling also. as of now with just the stock heat sink i have my q6600 @ 2.84 it is is stable @ 50 degress C so i know that it can go way more, but my mobo will not allow it, thus the need for the upgrade.

    my next upgrade i am looking at will be probly more ram. i would like to have an nvidia sli system so i have 2x 2048 ocz sli ready mem @ 800 mhz ocd to i do belive 948. i would like to have 8 gigs all of the same type, would 2 more sticks of the same ram be alright to purchase??

    next will be of course my video card!! as of now i have an 8800 gt stock, i would like to get another thus so i can 2 in SLI mode, with that being said i have a 600 wat power supply now would i need to purchase another/ larger PSUn to push these two cards?? the only other perifreal that i have is one(1) cd/dvd rom drive that is a light scribe, as i do not do a lot of burning, im not looking to upgrade at this time.

    and of course i have vista 32 bit and looking to upgrade to x64

    am i on the right tract or do i not know what i am talking about??? looking forward to this discussion as near the purchase date :)

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    Re: upgrade time :)

    Your Q6600 is a great chip but don't expect a great OC with that motherboard. SLI ready memory is nothing more than marketing. (I'm sure it is nice RAM but it has absolutely nothing to do with performance in SLI.) 4GB is plenty and I really don't think there is any reason for you to buy another 4GB. You should, however, upgrade to 64 bit Vista. It will allow you to use all of your RAM, which you cannot do with 32 bit.

    Water cooling is nice but if I were you, I'd just buy a nice air cooler like the ThermalRight Ultra 120 Extreme or the Xigmatek hdt-s1283.

    As far as your video card goes, you can SLi two 8800 GTs but they are getting hard to find. You might have to flash the BIOS on your current card to one from a 9800GT and buy one of those instead. They are physically the exact same card but an 8800GT won't work with a 9800GT unless you modify it by flashing the BIOS. Make sure you look up a tutorial on Google before doing anything like this. Keep in mind that SLI gives you a nice performance boost in some games and absolutely nothing in others.

    As for your PSU, it really depends on how good it is. My brother has 2 8800GTs and a high voltage AMD dual core running on a 550 Watt Antec with no problems. I've had a cheapo 600 watt PSU blow up on me when I was running a socket 939 Opteron and two 6800s.
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      Re: upgrade time :)

      Buckets answered mostly everything.

      As far as PSUs go, take a look at the sticky Unofficial PSU Ranking List. Most of the info you need to quickly picking up a decent PSU is in that thread and link.
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        Re: upgrade time :)

        cool guys thanks for the early replys... you guys helped out a ton with my new barracuda hd that yall suggested. thanks a lot

        "TG was created to cater to a VERY specific type of gamer rather than trying to appeal to the greater gaming population....Tactical Gamer is not mainstream. We are not trying to attract mainstream gamers" ~ Apophis


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          Re: upgrade time :)

          I would not go with SLI tbh but it is a cheap solution for you. If you have the money i'd get a new gtx series card.

          Also if you want the best OC'ing possible grab yourself an asus p5q motherboard.

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