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  • Project Perfection

    I put together a PC mid-summer 2006, and its been a slowly building project since then. It started off in a crap old dell case with the side off and the hard drives hanging out the side. I was then painting the case I bought, Thermaltake Kandalf .

    I ordered the black version shown above, but this wasn't going to cut it for me. I opted to go for a mirror finish, royal blue paint job. Needless to say, this took some time. I chalk up the 9 months between start and finish to a crazy engineering student schedule and laziness on my part, but, in the end it turned out satisfactory. There are spots here and there that disappoint me, but as I look at it, I see them as showing how my original goal (a perfect looking case) is really something that doesn't exist; perfection is seemingly out of reach.

    The original parts list:

    MOBO: DFI Lanparty UT SLI-DR
    CPU: AMD 4400+ (Currently at stock, but hoping to get to around 2.7ish, ambitious, but should be attainable)
    RAM: OCZ Gamer Gold XTC 2 GB
    GPU: eVga 7900 GT KO
    PSU: OCZ GameXtreme 700W
    Sound: X-Fi Platinum (the front bay is incredibly useful)
    Keyboard: G-15
    Mouse: MX518
    Mouse Pad Icemat V2
    HDD: 2x160GB Seagate in RAID 0
    Replaced the NB fan with an Evercook Twinkling VC-RE (muuuuch quieter than the stock!)

    Over time, I've added and changed this:
    GPU: eVga 8800 GT Superclocked
    TV Tuner: Pinnacle HDTV Tuner (25 bucks off woot!!!)
    Changed DVD drive, added a 320GB drive

    And the newest addition:
    Liquid Cooling! It was in the original planning of my build, but lack of funds sorta prevented me from going forward with it for awhile. My parents asked what I wanted for Christmas, and I couldn't think of anything, so I fell back on this and am finally doing it.

    GPU: DD Maze 5
    CPU DD TDX Universal (it was dirt cheap)
    Pump: DD
    Rad: Swiftech MCP-320
    15' of Masterkleer 7/16" tubing
    Fittings, etc etc

    I just mounted the waterblocks tonight after having them in my possession for about a month now it seems; classes started 1/5, so free time went out the window quickly. Tomorrow I hope to continue on my slew of ambition and get it all set in the case and start leak testing.

    I took some pictures tonight while mounting the blocks. I'll hopefully upload them to my TG webspace tomorrow morning before class.

    I'll also put in a writeup of my whole process of this build at some point, hopefully some people can use it as somewhat of a guide.
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    Re: Project Perfection

    Thats a sweet setup...nice!
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      Re: Project Perfection

      Some more pictures...

      The case with all parts out (minus one bay device, screws are stripped, working on that now):

      Side panel, or a self portrait with a camera for my face, you chose!

      Side panel up against the case:

      Close up of paint job:

      Side View of Side Panel:

      CPU Water Block Mounted:

      Another shot of CPU Block

      Maze 5 Mounted with Swiftech MC8800 Heatsinks

      The "Workbench" (I since moved upstairs from last night, the kitchen stove was the operating table for the mounting, only non-carpeted room besides the bathroom in the apartment):

      Came Home from Class to This:

      Its matte black vinyl film I'm going to use to put a trim around the case edges.

      I have to go run to my professor's office to drop off something, but gonna be hopefully putting the vinyl film on today and start looking at cutting the tubing and moving onwards to leaktesting.
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        Re: Project Perfection

        New pictures posted, forgot that editing posts didn't count as a new post...


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          Re: Project Perfection

          Good card. Nice middle ground between price and performance.

          How much did the cooling system cost.

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            Re: Project Perfection

            Uhmm, I think its upwards of $260ish now I think?


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              Re: Project Perfection

              Nice modding! :)

              It might be nice putting the rig over some upwards-cast spotlights. It would probably make a nice bluish lightshow at night in a dark room. ;)
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                Re: Project Perfection

                I've thought about adding lights a few times, but its in the room I sleep in, so its not really something I want to have to shut off all the time if I leave my PC on overnight.

                Was able to get the holes for the fillports drilled today. Had a mishap with the first one, hole-saw snapped in half, so had to go buy a new one... Gonna be at home all day tomorrow, so probably not much more progress gonna be done till Wednesday or later due to classes and whatnot.




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