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    There have been several headphone threads on this forum section asking for gaming cans and so forth. Some are completely lost as to which brands to look at, while others have certain criteria.

    Perhaps it's a good time to post various guides on the net that provide good info to help future enthusiasts pick out the right pair for them. With that said, I will try to provide links to good guides below as well as consolidate the various headphones threads in this section below.

    Guides on the Internet

    Extreme Overclocking Headphone Guide
    - This short guide gives a good run-down of the various known and less-known brands when it comes to headphones. It is written from a audiophile's perspective, so there will be some bias (perhaps good).

    Head-Fi's Headphone/Earphones Guide
    - A more detailed guide that explains good headphones from moderating expensive to very expensive.

    Why Buy an Add-On Sound Card?
    - A very good explanation of how important a discrete/dedicated sound is and how it affects the quality of sound you hear from headphones to speakers.

    Fake Headphones
    - Excellent resource in spotting rip-off and counterfeits of reputable headphones.

    Tactical Gamer Headphone Threads (Consolidated)

    Noise Cancelling Headphone Reviews/Recommendations
    - Lots of good recommendations from fellow TGers. A good place to stop and read through if you're looking at gaming headsets.

    Left4Dead 5.1 Headphones
    - Deals primarily with the Medusa 5.1 headset and a small discussion on sound cards.


    - This is the authoritative source (on the internet) when it comes to headphones and audio in general. Lots of audiophiles of varying degrees that are more than glad to educate the masses on what is good, great, and horrible.

    Manufacturer Websites

    Audio Technica
    Sony Headphones @
    UE (Ultimate Ears) (they are now owned by Logitech)

    If others would like to contribute to this post, feel free. I'm sure I've missed some other good threads, so if you find one, post it below with a short description.

    Hopefully this is helpful to current members and future visitors. :)
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