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How To: Create the Ultimate Boot Disk

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  • How To: Create the Ultimate Boot Disk

    This is really funny, but last week when I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my computer and why it wouldn't post, I found out about the Ultimate Boot Disk. So I downloaded it, but then couldn't figure out what to do with it from there.

    Then a couple mins. ago MaximumPC posts this article:
    How To: Create the Ultimate Boot Disk

    Looks like your system is on the fritz again -- it refuses to boot your operating system. What do you do now? You can take it a tech shop and have "experts" investigate the problem, but that a costly option. Even if your computer can’t load Windows, there is still a way to fix boot problems without reformatting. With the right boot CD, you can perform your own troubleshooting dianosis the cure whatever ails your PC. Our guide will show you how to make a powerful boot disk that'll let you do more than just access a DOS prompt. You'll be able to run processor stress tests, memory scans, edit partitions, and even extract hard drive data.
    It has just about every diagnostic tool out there to help you figure out what is wrong.

    Man, a week too late for me, but might help a lot of other folks. Might even want to make this a sticky. The only downside is I don't know if it will work with a Vista disk, and you do need your XP disk to get it to work.

    Just found this in the faq
    I want to ensure that users can at least still build UBCD4Win on Vista systems as long as they have an XP source. Currently the only issue with running UBCD4WinBuilder on a Vista system is UAC. Our builder must be "run as Administrator" even if you are currently signed in as an Administrator. None of our current postprocessing scripts are effected by UAC so the build should run smoothly.
    You can boot your Vista system with UBCD4Win but use caution. First, if you used 2k3 as your "source" to build UBCD4Win do NOT use that CD on a Vista system it will damage the Vista restore points. There have been a few bad reports with other Bart PE based boot CD's, but the cause of the problem has been a few incompatible tools (mostly registry restore software). By default there are no programs know to cause damage to a Vista system when UBCD4Win is booted on it. Still please use caution with Vista systems.


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    Re: How To: Create the Ultimate Boot Disk

    dude Ultimate Boot Disk is a must have for any computer enthusiast.

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      Re: How To: Create the Ultimate Boot Disk

      I've used this extensively for years for work and otherwise, and it's an absolute "must have" for just about anyone, IT or not.
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