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Dell's Inspiron Mini 9 drops to a delicious $199

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  • Dell's Inspiron Mini 9 drops to a delicious $199

    This is a pretty good deal if you are a broke college student or just want to get something for your kids to learn on.

    Dell's Inspiron Mini 9 drops to a delicious $199

    I really don't think I would get far with a 4gig SSD though. If you click through to the Dell site, there is a link you can click that will upgrade you to XP, and 8gig SSD, and 1 gig of memory for only $100 more, so $299.

    If this thing had XP, and about a 16gig SSD, and was still $199, I would jump on it. Will have to wait a bit longer I guess.


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    Re: Dell's Inspiron Mini 9 drops to a delicious $199

    the xp part is not a problem... and even the 16gig drive is too small... the only parts that you need to make sure it has is the 1.3mp webcam...

    ubuntu - install xp or osx anyway.
    512meg ram... we all know 2gig is going in it right away
    4gig ssd... 64 or 128gig ssd is 100.00 on ebay

    get a 199 model, save the 100 for a decent drive, and eat the 25 bucks for the 2gig stick like you would have to do anyway.

    but MOST DEFINITELY get the 1.3mp camera
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      Re: Dell's Inspiron Mini 9 drops to a delicious $199

      They keyboard is still a major downside for me. It's the one biggie that dropped the Mini 9 from my list of potential choices when I was shopping for a netbook. I tested typing on the 9 at MC and the number of mistakes I made touch-typing really turned me off to the lightweight and thinness of the machine.
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