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  • registry cleaner

    Does anyone know of a great & free registry cleaner to use? I have ccleaner right now, but have never used it to clean the registry.

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    Re: registry cleaner

    I use CCleaner for registry cleans. It's the only free one out there that I trust, other than another paid program that I have.

    CC does it's job with registry cleans well enough. I haven't had any problems with it. I even clean out browser cache and internet files with it since it's easier than opening the 6 different browser I have installed and manually cleaning them.
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      Re: registry cleaner

      I posted about this one a couple weeks ago:

      Works pretty good, and is good because just before you click clean it asks if you want to make a backup. That way, if something goes wrong, you can fix it.


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        Re: registry cleaner

        Ccleaner is also what I use BUT as with anything that deals with the registry you need to take care. Using Ccleaner without some kind of idea and caution of what you are doing can still be disastrous. I have had to use Windows Repair before cause I was not paying attention to what was being cleaned and then Windows would not start. Sometimes I will manually use regedit if I know what it is I am looking for to clean out.
        I doubt there is any program that is 100% effective without the possible chance of hosing your system. Ccleaner will also make backups of you make a mistake, as I said though, if you hose your OS then what good is a backup if Windows won't start?!?!




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