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  • Show me some skin !

    I haven't seen talk about these before, so thought I would post on it. I have ordered one before as a Christmas present, but haven't needed one till recently. Figured I would pass on some of the sites I've found while looking.

    Skins are vinyl stickers that are factory made to match whatever gadget you are putting it on, like a laptop or Iphone. They come in just about every type design you could think of, and some sites even let you use your own photo. I was thinking of getting one for my squadmates that have Iphones with our squad logo on it (better wait till I have more cash laying round though :row__690:)

    They are designed to come off easily when you want to switch them out for a new one.

    I'm trying to decide if I should get a bamboo skin for my Iphone. :row__523:

    Check these sites out: (the site I ordered from before)

    Any cool skins you guys spot, or other sites, feel free to post...........

    I kind of like this one, but it doesn't have any protection for the front like other ones have:

    Also kind of cool:


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    Re: Show me some skin !

    I bought a couple from
    The material is pretty nice and very durable. Just make sure that you align the graphic very carefully. Because once its on you can remove it but in my case it seemed to stretch a little. Not alot mind you just more than I liked.




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