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Five sandboxing apps to protect your Windows computer

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  • Five sandboxing apps to protect your Windows computer

    I know some have mentioned sandboxes here before, and this article just posted on Download Squad:

    In simple terms, they prevent applications from making changes to your system. It's kind of like having an imaginary hard drive where programs think they're operating like normal, but their actions never make an impact on your real filesystem.
    Five sandboxing apps to protect your Windows computer


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    Re: Five sandboxing apps to protect your Windows computer

    Windows SteadyState

    Sounds useful for those public/school computers.
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      Re: Five sandboxing apps to protect your Windows computer

      Sounds useful for home systems. With this, zombies don't have to happen anymore. But, as with UAC, it means you have to "thaw" a system with a password to make changes. And a lot of home users change their systems more often than their underwear or their nail color, and won't like their control being made more complicated by security. I mean, really, why should one have to close the door before taking one's clothes off? That's just so annoying! ;)

      There's no detectable performance hit with DeepFreeze, and it's also available for Mac and Linux systems. A 30-day trial is free and $45 for a license with 1-year maintenance.
      I wonder if it has any effect on game performance? Games are much more susceptible to kernel-level changes than email and web browsing.

      I'd definitely say that every parent should install this. And perhaps any kid who sets up computers for his parents and other family members, so they don't muck them up. ;)
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