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  • Mic Troubles

    So a couple of weeks ago my mic signal went super quiet without adjusting any properties. There had been some driver updates and such, and also my mic was a piece of I figured it was due to one of these.

    I bought a new mic, only to have the same trouble. Across the board my signal is VERY low.

    Things I've tried:
    New mic
    tried on board sound vs. SB Live24! card that's installed
    Uninstall/reinstall all sound drivers (with most current from manufacturers)
    I even did a totally clean reinstall of XP(for other reasons), only to have the same problem.

    The only difference is now that I can get most programs to register the signal properly.
    Unfortunately two programs that don't are TeamSpeak and BF2142.

    Tests on both programs register very low mic signal...I have to scream just to barely be heard. Other programs register a very hot mic because all mic sound settings maxed.

    It's unlikely that the mic is the problem. There are no new driver updates available for any of my hardware.
    Tempting to buy a new sound card, but would like to resolve it other ways.

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    Re: Mic Troubles

    Do you have "mic boost" turned on?

    Try installing the drivers that came with the sound card.




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