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  • New case design


    Anyone else have examples of compartmentalized cases like this?

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    Re: New case design

    We talked about that case in the CeBit thread, and it is pretty different from any other I've seen. My case is compartmentalized, but only to separate the HDs and PSU, not each differently. I can't wait to see that case in person and play with it.


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      Re: New case design

      Now that is innovation in case design. I like it.
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        Re: New case design

        Now that is the sexiest thing I have seen in machine form.
        When can I order my Cylon!!?

        Edit: I should have said that is the 4th sexiest thing I have seen in machine form Female Cylons and Terminator top that beauty. Sorry, Love.


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          Re: New case design






          i want 3... and i would pay whatever they wanted.
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