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nvstor.sys = BSOD :(

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  • nvstor.sys = BSOD :(

    started happening yesterday, I can't boot my PC unless in safe mode.

    Trawling the web give lots of forums posts of people experiencing the same, but not any remidies that I can see.

    nvstor.sys is apparently SATA controller drivers.

    my system specs are here [media][/media]

    any ideas on how I fix this would be much appreciated.

    I'm not doing a full re-install unless it's absolutely necessary (last time took me a couple of days, at least I saved all the installs this time so it shouldn't take so long, but still) :(


    hmm, I think I may have fixed this by installing some older nvidia nforce drivers

    monitoring it at the moment, but at least it booted up this time.

    time to invest in Ghost I think though - the thought of re-installing again makes me want to weep
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    Re: nvstor.sys = BSOD :(

    Maybe you could use a PCI SATA RAID card instead?
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      Re: nvstor.sys = BSOD :(

      ghost doesnt work with vista i hear... might want to look into that first
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        Re: nvstor.sys = BSOD :(

        If you're getting a driver error that just started happening and you can only boot in safe mode, it's probably not THAT driver, but rather something you've recently installed that is conflicting with it, which could be hardware or software.

        Easiest thing to do if you can't figure out what is causing the conflict is to system restore to before the error started happening. Some of the big guys to check that you may not know about installing are recent windows updates. Particularly in the pre-built HP/Compaq/Dell towers, windows updates often cause issues like this due to the nature of the installs on those builds.
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          Re: nvstor.sys = BSOD :(

          thanks guys - not had any problems since I replaced the nForce drivers.

          Ghost v14.0 seems to be working fine with my Vista Home Premium 32bit machine (once I re-formatted my external HD to NTFS instead of FAT 32).

          I have a recovery CD, and images of my main system, applications and BF2 /2142 drives saved to my external drive - though I've not tested these in anger yet.


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            Re: nvstor.sys = BSOD :(

            time to test the restore in Ghost - the BSOD is back :(

            got to get things working reliably in time for this weekend's 2142 scim!




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