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Intel basically supports rootkits

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  • Intel basically supports rootkits

    They've been putting off fixing it for 4 years so I'd say they are supporting it.

    Damnit Blizzard, fix ZvT already >.<
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    Re: Intel basically supports rootkits

    A bit extreme but something should have been done, I will say that for this to work I believe the hacker needs access to the hardware or at least that is what I have heard
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      Re: Intel basically supports rootkits

      "Root kits" where used at a place I worked.

      Wonderful things., really. Allowed us to control our sales reps laptops no matter what they did. Saved some vary valuable data.
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        Re: Intel basically supports rootkits

        aslong as they dont mess with my bf2 im ok.


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          Re: Intel basically supports rootkits

          Originally posted by Cotton926 View Post
          aslong as they dont mess with my bf2 im ok.
          They might end up rendering your hard drive unusable. Does that count?
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            Re: Intel basically supports rootkits

            As EGG shows, a rootkit in the right hands is a Good Thing.

            In fact, virtual machines (VMs) are really just rootkits at heart. They trick an OS into thinking it's running on a real machine all by itself.
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