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Fujitsu COLOR eBook Reader!

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  • Fujitsu COLOR eBook Reader!

    Watch out! Here comes the first color eBook reading device: Fujitsu Color eBook Reader.

    Now to the waiting period for this to trickle down to other manufacturers and the eventual price to drop. :)
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    Re: Fujitsu COLOR eBook Reader!

    Wouldn't it be Nice if Amazon would open the KINDLE empire to other manufacturers? Maybe their Killer price would come down...???
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      Re: Fujitsu COLOR eBook Reader!

      I don't think I'd swap my trusty Sony PRS 500 for it.

      most of my paper books have black text on a white page anyway. I can see how it would be useful for manuals, graphic novels, brochures etc.

      Or even better is they gave it internet access and you could web browse on it.

      Nice to see progress on the screens though ;)


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        Re: Fujitsu COLOR eBook Reader!

        Does it come with eCrayons? :p

        I think this will be mostly useful for books with lots of photos. Which inspires me to think a coffee table sized version would be a natural best-seller. My mind then jumps to an ebook version of National Geographic, and from there leaps to ePlayboy.
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