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Q6700 4 $150 @ Microcenter

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  • Q6700 4 $150 @ Microcenter

    I am running an E6600. Is there any benefit to upgrading? I don't think I use any apps that are written for Q4.

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    Re: Q6700 4 $150 @ Microcenter

    Wish we had those prices in Canada...
    If you do any video encoding or really heavy multitasking, it'd be a benefit. And most newer games and applications comming out are going to be optimized for more than 2 cores. Look at Far Cry 2 for example. Increased frame rates vs a dual. It's a bit more future proof as well.
    Only real downside is that it's going to be sucking a bit more power, especially if you overclock it...
    Oh well, my $.02
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      Re: Q6700 4 $150 @ Microcenter

      I think since you already have a good dual core, I would save the money. By the end of the year or this time next year, I might give you a different answer, depending on what games your are still playing. ARMA2 for instance has said many times that you are going to want a quad. OperationFlashpoint2 as well I'm assuming.

      If you wanted a bigger boost right now, I'm thinking the money would be better spent on a newer gfx. card, depending on what you are running right now.

      That still is a really good deal though, for someone running an older CPU like a pentium or celeron or something.


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