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  • Throat Mic

    An article about these just popped up on Engadget, and I started wondering how good it would be for gaming:

    Video: Sanwa's throat mic for city-bred sissies

    Here are some for sale:

    U.S. Special Forces Throat Mic

    $55 doesn't seem too bad, but I wonder if they would work with a sound card, and stuff. Link has a video to watch..........


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    Re: Throat Mic

    I think boot has one of these - it doesn't work so well :D I don't know what version he has, but it misses a lot of the hard/sharp sounds (s, t, k, p, b, etc) you make with your mouth. Sounds a little like someone speaking while covering their mouth with a hankie... I guess "muffled" is the right adjective.


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      Re: Throat Mic

      I have talked to customers with one of these and I had to ask them to use a reg phone with a hand set.

      If they were giveing them away mabey but even then it would be anoying.


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        Re: Throat Mic

        This is one of those funny examples of a company taking a product that barely works for it's intended purpose, and then copying it and marketing it to people who don't know better.. I'll say, having used multiple throat mics (for airsoft), that there are two companies (at least 2 available to civilians, and I am not aware of the military having a secret stash) that make quality throat mic (Iasus, and Devgru) (I actually have one of the nicer Iasus models that I am trying to sell)and even the best of them take a lot of practice to get right, and then never perform spectacularly. There are some places where they excel, say an area with lots of heavy machinery where one would have to yell to be heard anyway, but it is certainly not the pickup the vibrations of the user whispering kinda thing.

        As to your question Bamboo, I would be surprised if the Rap4 worked on a PC, as it seems to be set for the more common radio types used paintballing, but I know some models come with adaptors (Iasus nt3 for one) directly to pc, and it may be possible to buy a motorolla or kenwood etc to pc also.


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          Re: Throat Mic

          I've known about these for a few years since I had at one point almost invested in a $80 pair for airsoft use. It would be nice if they came out with a wireless version (say Bluetooth) with a USB dongle receiver.
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