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Hardware Failure?

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  • Hardware Failure?

    Ok, here is a good one....

    Yesterday, all of a sudden my Mouse and Keyboard stopped working. The mouse is a G5 (Logitech) and the keyboard is a G15. Now at first I thought it was some windows issue. I am using Vista 64, never had any issues with it before. I did have RC2 installed, so I uninstalled it and still the same issues. I also reinstalled clean copies of all the drivers with no results.

    But I tried the devices on two other computer and they are totally not working. I plugged some back up mice and keyboards in and they worked just fine off the get go.

    I thought at first it may be USB root hub issue, but all my other devices are working fine, before and after the issue.

    Any ideas on what the heck it could be? I have been messing with it for 24 hours now and cannot figure out what would have either caused it or s solution.....
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    Re: Hardware Failure?

    If you tried them on a second machine and they don't work, then they are probably well and truly dead.....

    As for a cause, the only thing I can think of is a power surge through the USB caused by faulty ports or a motherboard issue.....
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