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Portable Ubuntu Runs Ubuntu Inside Windows

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  • Portable Ubuntu Runs Ubuntu Inside Windows

    This looks pretty cool, and if I have time today I may give it a go.

    Portable Ubuntu Runs Ubuntu Inside Windows

    Free application Portable Ubuntu for Windows runs an entire Linux operating system as a Windows application. As if that weren't cool enough, it's portable, so you can carry it on your thumb drive.

    Built from the same guts as the andLinux system that lets you seamlessly run Linux apps on your Windows desktop, Portable Ubuntu is a stand-alone package that runs a fairly standard (i.e. orange-colored, GNOME-based) version of the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution. It just doesn't bother creating its own desktop, and puts all its windows inside your Windows, er, windows.
    Thinking of throwing it on my thumb drive for a go.


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    Re: Portable Ubuntu Runs Ubuntu Inside Windows

    Oh wow...this is perfect for use on some of the public access computers at school. Now I can have the programs I need without searching the whole building for a unlocked computer to use (when I can't run it on my netbook). :)
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      Re: Portable Ubuntu Runs Ubuntu Inside Windows

      Utility just got more utilitarian.
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