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  • my computer-updates...

    okay, the good news (actually, VERY good news) is that my new 60 gb hard drive in my laptop computer is now stable, meaning that it doesn't screw up my machine like last weekend and that i had to reformat it like 4x.


    the bad news though (not as bad, but bad enough for consideration), is that my external hard drive is still unstable. i assumed that it crashed so i just reformatted it...again.

    for those with external hard drives, how do you keep it stable other than always going to the toolbar and hit "safely remove hardware"?

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    Re: my computer-updates...

    my computer -> right click any drive -> go to hardware -> choose the external drive -> properties -> policies tab -> optimize for quick removal. you will never need to do the "safely remove hardware" thing again, plus, your drive will hold a drive letter better. (put mine on z: and every time I plug in... thats the way it comes up.) this will allow you to share the drive (and keep it shared next time you plug it in) install programs to the drive (if the drive letter changes, programs don't work) and if something does happen, just unplug it....)

    I dunno if this helps stability a lot... I get the "delayed write failed" a lot with either option.... I think it is the fujitsu (1.0!!! amp) drive though, so I just got a WD scorpio (0.5 amp) to see if it helps the problem. I sure hope it does.....
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