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  • Kapersky=Garbage

    I bought this software from NewEgg and installed it on 2 of my systems and my Mother in Laws system..

    Firstly it didnt resolve issues on mother in laws system, it will detect threats, but doesnt take any action on the threats, you the consumer are expected to have the knowledge to quarrantine, or delete the suspicious files yourself.

    Secondly, POP UPs.. not Kapersky Pop Ups, but pop ups from the internet in general.. It doesnt block any of them,

    This Program is Garbage.. Do not buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Kapersky=Garbage

    Uh...I can't think of any anti-virus program that blocks internet pop-up windows.

    If your two computers uses Firefox, you can add the AdBlock Plus Add-on to the browser to block unwanted pop-up ads and inline ads/flash ads.
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      Re: Kapersky=Garbage

      There are free to use alternatives, which are completely legal to use for a home user, such as Avast and AVG, I can only vouch for these 2, if you are getting pop-ups from malware or adware then you need to do a scan as this means you have an infection, if the pop-ups are from reputable sites you visit and are related to those sites then there is not a problem but if you visit a site and a large number of pop-ups appear that are unrelated to the site you are visiting then you need to do a scan.
      Your browser blocks the pop-ups and not the Anti-virus software, so you may need to change some settings in your browser.


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        Re: Kapersky=Garbage

        i Vote avast, I use it and its great...uses no ram pretty much.


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          Re: Kapersky=Garbage

          I've been using Kaspersky on all of my machines for several years now. It works great for anti-virus. I don't use it for firewall, anti-phishing, and such.

          I imagine it simply isn't configured correctly on the machines you're having issues with.
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            Re: Kapersky=Garbage

            Kaspersky is pretty top notch, from what I remember. Although now, I use Avira.
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              Re: Kapersky=Garbage

              I'm using ZoneAlarm Security Suite. It's working out nice. It has a firewall and virus/spyware protection/removal. It hasn't failed me yet, unless of course I have one on my computer right now, but everything seems good.
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                Re: Kapersky=Garbage

                I have heard so many say Kaspersky is the best AV software to buy. Seen plenty of reviews as well claiming the same thing. As with most AV software I have seen and I think it is great that the software detects the threats but does not remove them. It would be better for you to research the threat to see if it actually is a threat than to have it removed just to find out your computer or certain applications or games may not work properly again due to the AV program removing it. You can't expect everything to be so simple.
                As for pop ups, that may be adware or something like that and you can't expect an AV program to detect everything such as adware/spyware. Other programs may be needed to find and remove these that are causing the pop ups. Keeping a healthy computer requires a lot of attention from the user(s) and sometimes a few different types of programs such as AV, adware, and spyware programs to keep it healthy. You may have to double check to see if the pop up box is selected in the browser you are using. Which I have also seen adware that would uncheck the pop up box in FF. If you don't have it I would recommend getting Windows Defender, it seems like it has done a pretty good job detecting and removing any adware/spyware on my computer, which had only been once that I ever knew about.
                If you the full internet security Kaspersky and it then is letting adware and such on your computer(s) then I would say double check the settings to make sure you have everything set properly.

                BTW, I use NOD32 AV which I read is based off of Kaspersky and I have no issues so far.




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