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Razer Mamba vs. SideWinder X8: Wireless Gaming Mice Review

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  • Razer Mamba vs. SideWinder X8: Wireless Gaming Mice Review

    I am still loving my MX-518 from Logitech, and have never had a problem with it being wired, but for those looking to go wireless this is a pretty good review just posted:

    Razer Mamba vs. SideWinder X8: Wireless Gaming Mice Review

    I just don't know if I could see paying $130 for a mouse, when my $40 one does extremely well. For the difference in price you could get a top of the line gaming keyboard to go with my mouse.


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    Re: Razer Mamba vs. SideWinder X8: Wireless Gaming Mice Review

    Micro Center (one near me) had a promo demo of it like a month or two back. I have long slender fingers so for me it felt very comfortable in my hands. I could wrap my whole hand around it and not have my index or middle finger hanging off the edge of the front mouse buttons.

    Though, at $130, I still like my $65 MX1100 more.
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      Re: Razer Mamba vs. SideWinder X8: Wireless Gaming Mice Review

      Looking for the newest mouse thread and I guess this'll do :p

      My new Razer Deathadder arrived today after my cheapo mouse broke down after over a year of dedicated service. Mouse wheel just became unresponsive, but the tracking was always not great quality.

      I have to say first-off the presentation is excellent, I really just did not want to rip off the packaging. When I finally forced myself to open it, I liked what I saw. Very pretty shape (curves ftw) and the lights are nice too. Fits sooo perfectly in my hand it felt like it was getting massaged (I've never had a hand massage before but I'm guessing it would feel something like that). Buttons are easy to reach, and even easier to press.

      Driver is also pretty, but verging on taccy (can also say the same about the packaging I guess, but I felt like a little child opening an action figure box, it was so way over the top, but I couldn't help but get all giddy about it). Although showy, the driver is still functional, tons of options to tweak, although default was largely good enough for me. The 1000Hz Ultrapolling was oddly usable and functional. Switching between the different settings I could actually see the difference in response. It's one of those things I thought would be a complete waste of time, but it's opened my eyes to what I was using before.

      Of course it's going to great out of the box, but let's just see how it is a year or 2 from now[/derail]

      Both of those mouses are crazy expensive, doesn't make sense when the performance increase won't be hugely noticeable if you already have a decent Logi/Razer mouse.
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