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Future Hard Drive configurations???

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  • Future Hard Drive configurations???


    I'm in the midst of planning for a i7 build and have been pondering my HDD options.

    I was thinking of using a simple 2 HDD raid 0 configuration.

    Would this be better than say having a dedicated SSD OS drive and 1 HDD?

    Also, am I right to presume that you can partition a drive in the Raid 0 configuration?

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    Re: Future Hard Drive configurations???

    Yes, you can partition a RAID 0 array.

    For the rest of your question, I suppose it depends. SSDs are getting cheaper, but you'd probably equal out to a very similar price point if you got a 60GB SSD or 2 much larger HDD for a RAID 0.

    I'm fairly certain the SSD would be faster than a RAID 0 array, but it'll come down to price I suppose.


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      Re: Future Hard Drive configurations???

      Well you have to look at what SSD you're getting. If you just using one SSD you want some with a very fast read/write speed. Fast SSD's can be pricey still.

      I would LOVE to get 2 midrange SSD's and raid them and still have a back up HDD for storage however I don't have cash to do it. Sigh.

      If cash is an issue go the HDD route. If money is no object get more than one SSD and a smaller HDD for extra storage.

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        Re: Future Hard Drive configurations???

        Two less expensive SSDs will still more than likely have better or higher overall I/O than two HDDs.

        But it really depends on what you're looking to get. I'm not sure why you would want to mix drive types unless you're going for the whole "OS drive" and "Data drive" thing.

        Despite I/O, a RAID config is going to have better response time and be more resistant to I/O lock hell. I can't go back to a single drive configuration. I did try a single drive config at one time, and and within a day I wiped it and set up a new RAID.

        I am personally waiting until the holiday season to upgrade to a pair of SSDs. Right now just doesn't seem like quite the right time.
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          Re: Future Hard Drive configurations???

          Based on what I presume here, I am leaning toward a HDD raid set up rather than an SSD with a partition dedicated to the OS.

          My main objective is gaming, and I hope to build by July or later -- pending ARMA 2 and OPflash 2 releases.

          I have given up an tweak my current system for ARMA, and will stick it out with PR for now.

          My first component arrived today. Corsair 750 TX Power supply.
          Next is a case -- most likely a Coolmaster 690 with sidewindow.




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