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  • Help with Gamma Settings

    So I got my computer all set, but I seem to have a problem setting my gamma. I have an ATI 9600pro, with the latest catalyst drivers from the ati website. I can set the gamma under the advanced settings and they are reflected but when I go to play HalfLife the settings seem to reset. HalfLife is dark as can be, and yes I tried to set the gamma in game but it doesn't go high enough. When I quit HL and return to windows the gamma is really low. I check the settings under advanced display properties and it then goes back to the new higher settings. Is it my graphics card driver or something in HL? Any ideas?

    I had this problem with my previous graphics card but I can't remember what the problem was.

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    try your monitor settings as well

    add these 2 lines you your config in your halflife folder

    gamma 5
    brightness 2 (or 3 if needed)

    Some times you need to save graphic profiles under your advanced settings/ or there is a box that says run these settings every time i start my computer




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