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    So, a few months ago I opened a simular thread - Where I was told about the Phenom II, and decided to wait. I think now is a good time to upgrade, and just wanted to get some advice. I want to upgrade my CPU, but at the same time upgrade my system motherboard to ensure I can support upcoming technologies. So I figure updating my motherboard, and RAM are also going to have to tag along.

    After looking around at prices, benchmarks, reviews, etc. This is what I have came up with:

    Few technical questions:
    • Is there any performance gain of an AM3 processor as opposed to it's AM2+ counterpart? My board only supports AM2, so I believe I am foiled there anyways. I guess I might as well go all the way.
    • DDR3 RAM seems to come in soo many different speeds, and the motheroards support seem to vary a lot as well. Is 1600mhz a good viable speed, which will be around to stay? Or should I be looking at something else?

    Any ideas, advice, or recommendations would be appreciated greatly.

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    Re: Upgrade Advice

    looks pretty solid, AM2 vs AM3 is pretty much DDR3 (which is the future), the south bridge (SB750) was also a big improvement over the last generation
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