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    Hey guys I have a dilemma a friend asked me to look into gaming laptops for her, the prolem is I do not have any experience in buying a laptop (I have a netbook but that was easy since such a limited market) and she needs this for gaming.

    Now she also has funny ideals about buying from online sites so I am limited to browsing the store sites to find her one.

    (any others people can think of uk based computer stores would be very welcomed)

    Well she has about 600 pounds to spend on one (probably can go a bit over if it will make a huge difference and at the moment she only really plays WOW lol but she would also like to get the latest in SIM's games and I dunno I will probably persaude her to get some good games when they come out if her laptop can handle them.

    So I have come here to you friends, is anyone willing to have a look on those sites I have listed and look at the gaming laptops and maybe surgest some that look like they could be good for gaming and at good value (I know none will be very good value compared to purchasing online but hey).

    p.s. almost forgot typical girl she needs it to be black haha.

    This looks like the best I can find in her price range, what do you people make of it?

    Any help would be much apprietated, I know it's not much to go on with this budget and the stores i am limited to but I wanna try and get somin that will let her play her games she enjoys at least and last for the a few years.

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    Re: gaming laptop search is a store in stoke, don't know if your near there. but there entire catalouge is there.

    they are also extremly good online. never had an issue with them.

    oh and btw currys and pc world are the same company so they stock the same laptops

    as for gaming laptops, you will find the ones with blueray drives have dedicated graphics cards rather than on the mobo.

    is there a budget?

    anyway from pc world these few maybe? (tiny url cuz the link is huge)

    tbh the best gaming laptops are ones that you can only buy online.

    edit: just saw the budget

    this one from pc world
    would probably be good


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      Re: gaming laptop search

      You can probably ignore the first paragraph.



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        Re: gaming laptop search

        also try ebuyer.

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          Re: gaming laptop search

          I'm pretty sure you guys have Gateway computers over there, and if you can find one from their p-series FX line they are a really good price/performance choice. Andantech was really surprised at how good they were for the price.

          I know you don't have bestbuy over there just yet, but just for price idea here it is

          Which I think is in the price range, though the exchange rate may have changed since I last looked.

          Well crap, went through some of the links to places you want to buy from, and didn't see any gateway. Looked on they site and didn't even see the FX models.

          I will say then that the laptop I helped my dad buy would probably do well. It is an HP that runs a m9600GT gpu, and he plays call of duty 4 on it. It was like the dv7-1275dx or something, and he ordered it through the HP site and saved about $200, with the total price about $850 US dollars, so should be in about your price range.


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            Re: gaming laptop search

            This is going to be tough to beat...


            They're clearing out the 9800M GT models for the new 260GTX models that are coming in. There's only a few left. FWIW, I paid about double that for the same machine with a slightly faster processor and 2 GB more RAM in September. Fastest 15" laptop in the world for under 700 pounds. Not bad. AAANNNDDDD... Novatech has real stores as well, it's not just online.



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              Re: gaming laptop search

              Do some research on different brands of gaming computers and then maybe check to see if they are being sold on Ebay new. Some great deals can be had on there. I bought a Do-It-Yourself laptop new from Ebay and then added my own processor, RAM, hard drive, and operating system and I have a total of about $700 in it. BTW, assembling a DIY laptop is not to bad.
              The laptop I bought also had a Nvidia 9600M GT, not the best graphics card but not real shabby either, plays most newer games pretty good. I got an MS-1651 which is the same as the already assembled MSI GX620.
              We know you have Ebay in the UK.


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                Re: gaming laptop search

                You need to take a whole pics of it before making any decision.

                For me, I use this site

                It is very easy and helpful. It lists most popular gaming laptops for reference, by price.




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