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USB Microphone Issues with Counter Strike Source

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  • USB Microphone Issues with Counter Strike Source

    First, my system specs.
    Brand: Alienware Area-51
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHZ w/800 FSB and Hyper-threading technology.
    System Memory: 1.5GB 3200 SDRAM
    Soundcard: Audigy 2 1394 Soundcard (this might be the problem. Not sure yet)
    HArd drive: (2) 80GB serial ATAs w/ 7200 RPM Western Digitals
    Motherboard: 875P
    Graphics: PNY 6800GT 128MB
    OS: Windows XP Professional

    Alright, that parts out of the way. Recently I purchased the Logitech Z-5300e series of speakers to have 5.1 THX surround sound. Before this I was just using a pair of Logitech USb headsets (29.99) I'm afraid I don't remember the model. Anyways, I used these headsets on CS:S fine until I switched the setting on my soundcards to 5.1 speakers, EAX mode, etc. Now the headsets I only need for mic talk but when I go into CS:S and hit the test microphone nothing happens. If I'm running Itunes lets say and I go into CS:S and test the mic the bar lights up, etc, and I try talking and I think I hear myself. However, when I shut off Itunes, etc, the bar no longer glows.

    I really only need the headset for voice communication with you chaps and ladies, however, I've tried everything under the sun and still nothing. Any ideas on how I can get my mic to work on Cs:S?

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    Re: USB Microphone Issues with Counter Strike Source

    So you want sound through the speakers and not through the headset, but you want to use the headset mic? That's a tough one.

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      Re: USB Microphone Issues with Counter Strike Source

      You need to go into Windows' Sounds and Audio Properties and make sure that Sound Playback is using your sound card, but that your Sound Recording is using your USB headset.
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