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    I had a 300 baud (300 bit/sec) modem for my C=64 back in the day. What is amazing is the transfer of a character would be slow.
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    Re: Who remembers this?

    ha, thats cool


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      Re: Who remembers this?

      That's just awesome :) Had something similar on my Amiga 500 I think

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        Re: Who remembers this?

        That's really amazing! :) The oldest modem I've used is a 33.6 external box modem on a 486SX (was my Uncle's desktop running Windows 3.1).
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          Re: Who remembers this?

          Wow... I'm honestly surprised that thing still works. Goes to show how quality has been replaced by quantity.

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            Re: Who remembers this?

            My first modem was a 2400 bps Zyxel, and I think I paid well over $100 for this top-of-the-line model, around 1980. It could even handle those new-fangled "fax" thingies.
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