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Corsair unveils 90% efficient power supplies

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  • Corsair unveils 90% efficient power supplies

    Lot of you guys know I recommend a Corsair HX620 in most of the builds I help with, as it gets really good reviews and I am very happy with mine. Looks like Corsair has taken it even further with a new 750 and 850 model that is extremely efficient. Most PSUs are 85% or less, and crappy ones can be under 70% or lower, which means a lot of the power they use turns into waste heat, and means when you start gaming, when you need the power the most, your PSU available power actually goes down. The more efficient it is the higher the stable power it can put out at hotter temps and under stress.

    And on top of that it is modular, which I love and once you build with one you will see why. Together with a good case you have a clean install for less mess and killer air flow.

    See the sticky here for more info:
    Unofficial PSU Ranking List (What's the best PSU to buy?)

    I'm going to post this new article link in that thread too I think so we don't loose it when helping people pick one.


    Corsair unveils 90% efficient power supplies

    And here is a link to the review for the 850watt.
    Corsair HX850W Power Supply


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