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  • Computer problems

    So I got a new desk today. My top exhaust fan also broke a while back and antec sent me a new one.

    So today, I take out everything from my desk, disconnect my computer, and take off the side pieces of the computer to get the fan out.

    I got the fan out. To do so I had to take out a ground that goes from the metal inside the case to the top piece of the case to get the top piece out. Took the old fan out, put the new one in. There were 2 screws that held in the top piece about 3-4" away from each other...both on the same piece of metal, so I put the ground in the other hole because it was easier to get to b/c of my video card. I dont know if that has any importance, but I just wanted to state everything i did.

    Get the computer back together, get all my wiring figured out for the new desk, power up the computer, seems to start up fine....then stops.

    This is what it does:

    I can get into my bios settings but I dont really know anything about computers. I did build this one though...with a friends help.

    I looked inside and made sure all the connections were good. Had power disconnected for at least 15 minutes. Also moved the ground back to the other side. At the end of the video, the prompt is blinking, although my awesome camera phone doesnt pick it up.

    I took all the plugs and ram out and plugged everything back in...twice. Still nothing.
    Here's the setup:



    video card:



    250 gb hdd from my old dell computer

    running vista

    It will power off if i press the button. It just doesnt boot all the way.

    I can go into my bios and it recognizes the hard disk drive under standard cmos features.

    So far I've tried:
    taking the battery in the mobo out, unplugging power, and holding the power button for 30 seconds...then hit it another 10x for good measure.

    Cant boot from my disc since a buddy currently has my vista disk.

    Nothing was ever over clocked.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Computer problems

    also, i can boot without the hdd and the exact same thing happens....BUT it doesnt detect anything in bios either, whereas when i boot with it it does.


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      Re: Computer problems

      found the problem, for some reason it didnt list my hard drive in the boot sequence in bios anymore.


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        Re: Computer problems

        Glad you were able to get it going.
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