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I seem to have lost a core off my CPU!!

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  • I seem to have lost a core off my CPU!!

    So my computer has been acting up lately, random freezes and just plain poor performance. Been trying to figure it out for a few weeks.
    Today I notice in the CPU usage window I am missing a core off my AMD Athlon 64 FX2. I checked in the device manager, and it shows only one processor. I looked in CPUZ and I only have one core there as well. Can a core just up and fail like this?
    Is it possible that some sort of malware can disable my PC to this level? Total pain in the a$$, and pisses me off to no end.

    I just want to punch a hacker right in the mouth and send him to a dentist.
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    Re: I seem to have lost a core off my CPU!!

    What if it's just your hardware that's failing and not any sort of malware that's causing your problems? Whenever I see 'random freezes' I always first think of memory error. Have you tried running Memtest to rule out your memory?

    As far as your losing a core, I can't say that's happened to me or even heard of it. Maybe try reseating the cpu on your motherboard?


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      Re: I seem to have lost a core off my CPU!!

      I suggest getting one of those bootable linux cds. Boot from it and see what happens. If everything is a-ok then start thinking about hackers and clean re-install.
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        Re: I seem to have lost a core off my CPU!!

        I've never run into that myself, but I'd go through a thorough virus scan and spyware scan first before doing a reformat.

        As for your processor, I assume you mean the Athlon 64 FX-62, since there is no FX2 Athlon 64.
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          Re: I seem to have lost a core off my CPU!!

          there are bios options to allow multi core or single core
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