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A few questions about windows 7 upgrade

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  • A few questions about windows 7 upgrade

    1. So I am going to order windows 7 is there an option of upgrading to 64 bit when i purchase the upgrade pack or do I have to buy that just as 64 bit ?

    2. What is the Win XP emulation like in windows 7? Good or Bad ?
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    Re: A few questions about windows 7 upgrade

    I don't know about the packaging, but since Vista, a single license grants you rights to use both 32 and 64 bit versions. With Vista, you needed separate media, which typically meant you needed to request it from MS. I recall reading somewhere here that Win7 will include both in the package.

    The "emulation" uses a virtual machine, and should be just like VMs used in the past. A VM takes advantage of CPU features to run 90% of the code directly on the CPU, so it's not being "emulated", it's really running there. It's the system calls that get emulated, and even most of that can run directly on the metal.

    What do you plan to run in the XP VM? Most software that needs XP either won't be performance-sensitive to a VM or it will be so old that modern hardware will compensate for the slowness.

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